The enduro mountain bike scene has taken off, there's no question about that. The discipline's focus on fun and relaxed attitude towards pedaling fitness, built in breaks, bros, and beers is appealing to many.

But what can an enduro rider do in the snow? Hang up the bike and grab the skis is one option. But if you still want to turn pedals on a cushy ride, you're left with fat bike riding in the back country. Fat bikes aren't necessarily designed for shredding the gnar and hucking drops, but for floating over unstable footing and conquering the elements. Will it scratch the enduro itch? Maybe you can find a fat bike race if you're lucky, but maybe the usual XC format doesn't suit your style. Fat bike racing usually focuses on the go anywhere and endurance aspects of the massive tires. But shouldn't it be fun and not just suffering in the snow? Where are the fun events that showcase the comical balloon tires?

Auburn Ski Club Lodge

The lodge at Auburn Ski Club and FatDuro start/finish area. Photo by ASC Trails​

Enter the FatDuro, a fat bike race but with an enduro attitude. The event takes place on the Nordic ski trails of Auburn Ski Club at Donner Summit, California, on February 19. Three loop stages of varying distances and difficulty await racers, all finishing back at the Auburn Ski Club lodge where you can warm up, grab a beer, peruse the fat sausage bar, and debrief with your buddies in true enduro fashion. After the lodge transfer you'll line up for another mass start and pick up speed on the downhill run into your next stage loop.

Best Bike Setup

What's the best FatDuro set-up? Suspended or not? Carbon or bamboo?​

This event promises to be a blast on and off the bike. There's plenty of opportunity for speed and pushing the limits of traction out on course, bar to bar with your competitors. And if you're one of those who enjoys a little more delayed onset to your fun, you can test your fitness with up to three laps of each loop depending on the category you enter.

ASC Trail System

Great views from the ASC trail system on course. Photo by ASC Trails​

Don't have a fat bike? Chances are they'll have demos at this event, so keep an eye out for sign ups. Or maybe your enduro machine is a plus tire bigfoot? There's no reason to hang that up when the brown pow turns white; it can tackle more than you think. This first-year event has no minimum tire size limit. Check out the details at