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Fatback 29'er Clearance?

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So I'm going to buy one of those $30 ChopperUS disc/fw hubs, and build some commuter wheels, with some Alex DM18s for $20 a piece.

What's the clearance for 29" wheels in the Fatback like?

I'm thinking of either 2.4" Mountain Kings, or some slick/semi-slick tires.

Unless someone knows of a really cool super fat 26" tire that lacks tread, or some nice big 29" fat tires. So far the 2.4" MK tires seem like the best bet, as I do ride on some gravel paths on my journey to work.

I've got lots of ideas going on though.. I thought I had gotten over changing parts all the time.. but I found an excuse to change parts.. I don't want to wear out my expensive tires commuting to work.

The last idea I have is.. buying some 27tpi Larry tires, and shaving the tread off of them.
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Borgschulze said:
Unless someone knows of a really cool super fat 26" tire that lacks tread
Kenda Flame 26 x 3.0:

There are other options too, but these are the only ones I've used personally.
Sorry, I'm a little confused. Mountain Kings or slicks? They're pretty different. If you're riding mostly commuter trails, it seems like MKs would be overkill, but if there's patchy, crusty snow, maybe not. Shaving Larrys? That'd be a lot of work when you could just get Endos.

I feel qualified to diagnose you with pathological upgraditis. It's clouded your ability to reason. Take two rides, and call me in the morning. ;)

Seriously, if it were me, I'd just get the cheap Endos and ride the hell out of them. They roll really well on roads and trails. It's the easiest solution to your "problem."

As far as clearance, I doubt there's a fat bike out there that couldn't fit the biggest 29er tires available.
Yes, I have Upgraditis.

I've never actually ridden on Endomorphs... are they really significantly faster rolling?

My wife brought up a point when I discussed it with her... "Maybe it should be more work to get to work, so you get even sexier legs than you already have" and I thought.. yeah that sounds about right.
Link to what your looking at on choppers us.
I understand your frustration, it's tough to want to run tires narrower than your rims. I found the Endos run pretty fast on the road with sufficient pressure. I might have gone up to ~15psi.

I run the Larry on the back wheel cuz they give a smidge more clearance at the stays than my Endos did.
anyway hookworms are about the only 26 inch slick tire that has been proven to handle high pressure and abuse.
bighit said:
anyway hookworms are about the only 26 inch slick tire that has been proven to handle high pressure and abuse.
I'd guess one of the Schwalbe 26" fatties would work fine too, but do you think they'd take a fairly high pressure on a rim wider than 70mm?
It's so hard to decide, I'd rather swap the rotors over than swap the tires to be honest... huge holes + tires that are difficult to seat... not fun.

Mountain King tires are quite cheap at $55 CAD for 2.4s, and that should give me some cushion. Add on $30 rear hub, $20 per DM18 rim.. that's a cheap, yet effective wheelset. More so than having Hookworms that are heavy, and too narrow for my rims?

If I could find the Bontrager Big Hank 2.5" tires, I'd get those over the Hookworms for sure, 750 grams per tire. I believe they are discontinued though. it's my pugs but skinnys do roll much better then fatties, and i'm yet to get a pedal strike :)
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