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Anyone doing this? New race this year being put on by the Swiss American bike team. The course consists of most of the trails at McDowell park and has a "Team" category! More info below...


Race Description:

Sunday March 27th.
This will be a marathon mountain bike race that will take riders on a perimeter lap encompassing the entire park. It will include nearly all of the Competitive Loops, Pemberton Trail, Scenic Trail, Coachwhip, and Dixie Mine. This will be a one lap race that is 36 miles in length and has about 2,800 feet of climbing. OK it's not 40 miles but it's darn close!


$65 before March 1, $70 after March 1, $85 day of
$5 one day racing license (If not USAC member)
$6 Park fee
$17 per night to camp in Comp parking lot, $11 in overflow lot
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