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Fat Tandem?

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Who will be the first to build a Fat Tandem? I realize Ventana made a tandem version of the Hanebrink for a while, but I'm not counting that one. Had my FB's at a family reunion at the beach last weekend... everyone taking turns... and it occurred to me how fun a tandem FB would be for beach combing w/ a partner.
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Billy Kooch at Arctic Cycles ( has a tandem (edit) Raleigh (oops) with a Snowcat in back and a 'Marge infront...
Sandman is looking into the matter... for me :D. The guy has a lot of experience making tailormade tandems and I asked him a few weeks ago if he could make a fat one for me and the wife - still no answer, I'll let you know if it pans out.
COOL! My wife is exactly the "partner I was thinking of. Cool thing is that it would be also useful as a 29er tandem... even mount up some Schwab Big Apples for road rides...
Black Sheep has made one already IIRC. There is a pic on a Sea Otter thread with a tandem that has S&S couplers that allow the bike to be configured as a tandem or a single bike. It was noted that there was plenty of clearance for big rubber. It's on my radar for future build idea. The stuff of dreams, maybe even temporal marital bliss.:thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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