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Fat guy X-post from Clydes forum - Suspension Question

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Hello Everybody,

Well, after being out of cycling for a couple of years and putting on, um, a little weight, I really want to jump back into mountain biking. I have a basically brand-new 2000 Specialized Enduro Comp which suits me really well, except I feel like the suspension doesn't perform very well under my weight. I weigh 240 without my gear and I eat up most of the suspension travel just sitting down. The bike has a bone-stock Manitou SX LT on the front (which I really suspect is a piece of crap) and a Fox Float R in back, which I keep filled with 250 lbs. The sag on the bike is really disheartening, but I am not even sure where to start with correcting the problem. I don't have the money to get a new bike, and the components, wheels, disc brakes, and frame are all great, so do you all have any suggestions what to do with the suspension?

I have been reading your posts about PUSH and wonder if they could do anything worthwhile with the rear shock, but is it to old to even mess with? Should I look into getting a new front fork or look into getting stiffer springs (is that even possible)? I have been out of things for long enough to not know what is really out there as far as forks for heavier guys, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not looking to get into racing, but I really love riding trails and singletrack and think biking will be a great way to loose weight. Money is definitely an issue, so I would like to stay on the inexpensive side, as long as things work well.

Thanks so much for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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I think your Manitou SX has elastomers in it, or elastomer/coil combo. Shopping for a new fork would make a lot of sense. As far as your rear shock, hold off with sending it to PUSH until you fiddled with it yourself. Your bike is a bit old and probably needs some TLC before it is trail worthy. If you're mechanically inclined at all, you should get the air sleeve maintenance kit from Fox and perform the maintenance yourself. At the very least, deflate the shock and unscrew the air sleeve. Clean it all up and replace the fluids, as they're aged by now. Fill it up to a pressure which produces correct sag for you and you can call it done for now. The damping oil will need to be changed at some point, but you haven't been riding your bike so the only thing that could have happned to it is that it could have gotten impregnated with nitrogen, but I don't think that it is substantial, since the shock hasn't been cycled (used). I am assuming you've got V brakes? A Marzocchi MX comp or a slightly used Marathon S ought to be your best bets.

You should also replace all the cables and housing and possibly the chain, if it looks rusty at all. Other than that, greese up you bearings, clean things up and go out there and lose some weight ;)

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Whole new suspension. No pushed shocks!

:) My advice is to just get a whole new rear shox and fork. The technology has changed so much since 2000. Considering your weight, your really putting a lot of stress on your shocks. The manitou swinger 3 way is a great shock, can be put to 300psi, and the spv should help it from bottoming, or you could try the 4 way, which helps the shock ramp up twards the end of it's travel. Now, I don't know how much travel your bike should have on the front, but the 05 Rockshox Reba sl has travel that goes from 85-115mm of travel via all travel spacers or the u-turn model. In the Clyde forum, itseems like everyone has a Reba. I don't have on but I want it. PS, I have the swinger 3 way, it's agreat shock, does not bob much in the saddle.
I'm 220 and just got back into riding competetively after a 3 year absence. I revived my Rocky Mountain Element T.O. to a spectacular ride by replacing the SID with a Reba, and the rear Fox RC with a Cane Creek Cloud 9. Both of these updates have blown me away, far exceeding my expectations. The Fox shocks are nice when they work, but I am tired of sending them in every season for service. The Cloud 9 is user servicable has a very usable compression/rebound adjustment that allowed me to tune it perfectly to my weight. I can't recommend these two items enough. Definitely "Clyde-worthy".

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