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New to the forum and I'm hoping I get some advice.

Bent a rear rim and I’m looking for some replacements:

Weight: 220
Riding Style: Not very hard, XC

Looking for budget wheels and considering:

Shimano LX WH-M565 wheelset at $189
Shimano XT M760 Wheelset w/ Mavic 717 Rims $209

Currently have LX hubs with unknown rims (Trek Swami or something like that).

Any yeas or neas? Other suggestions are welcome.

Ooooh, must be rim brake.

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If you poke around you'll find wheelsets made from Rhyno Lite rims and XT M756 hubs for $150 or so. These would be an ideal budget rim/disc brake wheelset for a Clyde. I had a pair on my old hardtail and they ruled.
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