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fat bikes in Benelux?

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trying to get the fatbike community in Belgium and The Netherlands together and do a bit of cruising together!

do you have one, and want join, please let me know

cheers, C.
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I haven't got one yet, but it's coming... slowly...
hmm, dat achterspatbord is wel een beetje gay ;-)
Sure as h*** planning to get one, waiting for sandman to release his stuff.
Although I like the new pugs with the lowered TT too.
nee joh, een natte bilspleet das pas gay. ha ha

Ik zal het even vertalen in het Engels.ha ha

( translation.. I think your bike is wonderful with that aerodynamic fender )
Spatbord means fender?! AWESOME. That's what I'm calling them from now on.
constantijn13 said:
trying to get the fatbike community in Belgium and The Netherlands together and do a bit of cruising together!

cheers, C.
Niet Netherlands and Belgium, maar Duitsland! ;)

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Fat bike made & based in Belgium, binnenkort zijn er nog 6 meer waar ik weet van heb (gasten die hiermee gereden hebben :thumbsup: ). We moeten eens afspreken hé !

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Ik kan niet wachten tot ik volgende week zondag die Gobi mag testen!!!
De Eerste Fatbike meeting in de Benelux

zondag 14 Maart om 12 uur.
Het mountainbike parcours van Schoorl.

Een mooie rit over dit uitdagend parcours incl een stuk over het strand natuurlijk.
Bewonderen van elkaars fietsen.
Uitwisselen van ervaringen

Na afloop
Met zijn alle ergens gezellig aan de Koffie met appelgebak!

( Precieze locatie wordt nog bekend gemaakt )
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Coastkid meets bikepatroltommy

Not in the Benelux but a nice meeting and ride in Scotland!!

Nu een meeting in Schoorl :thumbsup:


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could have done with a `Spatbord` the other weekend :D
come over here when you get a gang together,im sure tommy will be back to see the views in better weather ," on a good day you can see................":cornut:
hi coastkid,

even with a spatbord you are more then welcome to join ;-)
looks like pretty nice trails at your side of the ditch!

cheers, C.
@ mahatma,
any good trails near Köln?
coming sunday the cloggies will ride in Schoorl, local trail + a bit of beach riding
Who will join?
Helaas, ik zit in de Ardennen fat te biken... iets dat al lang vastlag. Volgende keer beter.
Fatbike meeting Holland

Vandaag was de eerste "fatbike" meeting in Nederland. :thumbsup:

Zeker 50%, van bij ons bekende Fatbikes in Nederland, waren aanwezig in Schoorl. :D

Constantijn13 & Bikepatroltommy


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Hi Bikepatroltommy,
good to see the 'taking a pic while cycling in the sand, with normal MTB' worked out well (took some time...) - see the blue sky and shadows due to the sun - spring is coming!
Sent 3 Blackberry photos to C13, not the best quality. Hope you have some nice beachriding photos of me in return ;-)
Thanks for riding with me on my first Schoorl experience.
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