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Fat Bike Rim Tape

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I've taped my wheels with 3M #2120 Tough Transparent duct tape. I'm not concinved that it's working 100% - has anyone used this tape with great success? I also have a roll of Gorilla tape which I am sure will work. I want to avoid the gorilla tape because it's heavy and I've heard it can absorb sealant.

Which lead me to my main other question - what Home Depot (etc) alternative tape works well for sealing rims? Thanks.
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I like Tyvek tape for tubeless. Sticks well, holds pressure, lightweight.

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I've heard good things about tyvek tape and Zip system tape. I checked them out at home Depot and they looked nice. For me though, fat bikes are best with fatty strippers.
The clear gorilla tape is better than the black. It is very much a different product.
I’ve used the clear 3m tape for a while to set bud/lou on a clownshoe wheelset. But now I use fatty stripper. Easier, safer, lighter.
Gorilla tape works fine for me. I increase the adhesion a bit with gentle heat gunning and pressing after application, and do the same for removal, to minimize the left over residue.

Gotta check out the "clear" duct tapes. That's a new one to me.
Gorilla tape has worked ok for me. The weight is not much more than any of the others. I've been concerned with it absorbing sealant as well so I do run a second layer using Whiskey rim tape. The Gorilla is mainly for strength.
The funny thing that is told is that Gorilla tape weighs as much as a truck tire. If it goes onto a fatbike rim, I think you already blew the weight weenie thing with a nuclear salvo!

We now return to the regularly scheduled rocket science program...
I also have been doing the 2" wide roll of tyvek tape. It requires overlapping for the wide rims, but so far has been flawless for me. If you can, use a tube for a day or two to really smash it down.
It doesn't always come off clean though, but a bit of heat and a pointy object make the scraps come off easily
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I bought some tyvek tape and it was a pain to get off an aluminum rim. I haven't used it on carbon
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PVC Tape worked well on my son's Fatboy 24. It's pretty stretchy and might stretch and blowout over time if it had to span a spoke access hole, but most fat bike rims don't have that issue as they are single wall where the spokes come through.
I always feel like I am missing something in these threads. I just got some 80mm Whiskey tape, gave it a few passes, and have had no issues since. How much money is really being saved with all the time and experimentation with other tapes? Now these days if you can't find proper tubeless tape do what you gotta do. But of all the things to overthink on a bike rim tape should be low on the list.
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I used gorilla tape on my fatbike wheelsets for a few years and had okay but not flawless results, then I tried Fatty strippers with some ordinary transparent packing tape and haven’t looked back since. Takes less sealant even than dedicated rimtape like Stan’s, almost non actually, and works great. I even started putting them on my other “normal” wheelsets as I rotate through new tires!
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