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Hey everyone, looking for input on this. There are quite a few of us out there wanting to use Atlas cranks on a 100mm BB and apparently Raceface does not make a spline kit for this for the Atlas crank. Not sure why this is but we are looking into the logistics of if it is possible to manufacturing some of these spindles.

Any info or comments on this let me know

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Or just buy the Race Face 170 or 189 spindle, depending on what kind of fat-bike you have. That's what I always do, heck, our shops usually have them in stock here.

I busted another RF next crank arm (was a single arm from a previous failure) recently and pounded the axle out of it and put the axle in my x01 (non-dub) cranks. Happily rolling with those, plus they are way way more durable than Next.

The interface looks like the standard RF alloy 30mm spindle would fit. It may not be the reinforced DH atlas spindle...but I doubt anyone needs that on a fat-bike.
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