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Oh, let me see. Yes, about a week ago I reported on Fat [email protected]'s recent illness. The overweight thing had a stroke. One of his chambers up and collapsed. Alas, I thought he would be in recovery for a long time but it seems my "first aid" did help a miracle take place. Little more than a week after an emergency shock transplant, Fat [email protected] is healthier than before his almost untimely demise.

The Fox shock I had stashed for emergencies, although a low-end model, actually works better than the SID that passed on. (Well, maybe not passed on as I might have it rebuilt if such things are possible.)

I do not work on Mondays. I will not work another Monday until the middle of September. I recommend this schedule if you can arrange it.

TurboB!tch and I spent Monday riding Iron Cracker. First to the old mine entrance than up the unrideable hills to the hawk overlook on Wildcat Ridge. I attempted to get us lost but instead stumbled on a ripe patch of black berries. After an hour we found our way back to where we started and headed back down the unrideable hills. Less unrideable on the way down but still nasty, especially after flooding rains two days past. We survived. The Louise and Avid discs felt fine. Tires skidded. Bolts needed tightening. Water ran out. We smiled and went home.

The ride made up for a less than successful Sunday where a strong north wind blew the waves into a grey foam and the Brothers Grim Side Show departed Sea Side Heights before we could pay a visit and a stop at Asbury Park revealed that, dispite predictions of yet another revival, the nickname Beirut by the Sea still applies and the Stone Pony sits amid decaying squalor.

Saturday was different. The Cycle Craft dirt demo was cancelled because of the previously mentioned rains. I showed up anyway. I rode and rode and rode. Oh how sweet a steel hardtail can be on snot slick rocks when you have the time to enjoy them.

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