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fast rolling (street) tire with some traction???

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I'm looking for a good tire that is fast on the road but can also do double duty in the trails
(if it is dry or mostly hardpacked obviously).
I can only take one bike on our summer vacations, (beach and Vermont), and I think my mountain bike will be the most versatile.
Thanks for your help!
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Michelin country rocks. We have these on our baby trailer bike and they work great on the road and gravel paths, they are OK in dry dirt if you air them down.
mtnbiker72 said:
Halo Twin Rail would be one to consider
+1 :thumbsup:
Crossmark by Maxxis was a good one I used for commuting on my mountain bike.
I also tried a nanoraptor on the front.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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