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Farewell Greg " Sumo" Lee and Thanks

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What can I say. Tonight has been kind of spooky.

How does one explain it. There have been those threads of stories here about what got you started on mountain bikes. Well.. mine tonight has come full circle.

Back in 1985 at Lost Lake in Whistler during a Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp I found out about mountain biking. It was when I first met Greg "Sumo" Lee who suggested to this then 11 year ski race fanatic to go ride when I had no idea what off hill activity to do.

Then tonight I read this,

and 30 minutes later read this,

Thanks for the suggestion Greg... you where larger then life when I met you and still were every time we passed by. You drove that cadillac long before it was popular. Wish I had known you where in Collingwood.
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It is heart felt posts like this that keep me coming back. :thumbsup:
Cheers to your friend and you.
Wow, a stroke! :eek:

A great reminder that life is for living 'cause you never know when the ride will end. :thumbsup:
garage monster said:
Wow, a stroke! :eek:

A great reminder that life is for living
yep, note to self... :thumbsup:
considering the alternatives - i'll go with it...
I would not put Endura and heart in the same sentence. But this post is an exception.

There is no good way to die, but stroke is definitely at the bottom of my list of preferred ways.. May he RIP. Sounds like he was a true character. We need more people like that on this side of the pearly fence......
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