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I just picked up a 16" Fantom DS frame for GF. Bearings are toast, so I'm waiting on that plus a bit of fresh powder (still need to pick a color). I'll likely set it at 4" rear travel, but I haven't figured out which fork to put on it. I'm considering weight, travel and performance.

Here are my options:

a) Psylo XC U-turn -- used, but I'm hoping an oil change brings this baby back to life. 4.2lbs though :(

b) '05 Skareb comp 80mm -- ligthweight and barely used, but its only 80mm, so I'd have to set and forget the rear at 3". And, fluid flow damping :(

c) Fox Vanilla 100RL -- my best performing fork, but weighs over 4lbs as well.

d) Marzocchi MXComp eta 105mm -- another goodie, but it too weighs in over 4lbs

e) Marzocchi Atom 80 race -- great fork that's currently on her HT frame. 3.7lbs, but again only 80mm of travel

What is working well for your Fantom DS, what travel setting do you run it at?

Thanks much for the help.
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