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taikuodo said:
I was bored so I redid the Alpine 550. Hope I'm not breaking any copyright rules.

I saw a Giant with a similar design that was only released in china.
Should bring back a solid color paintjob! =D
No problem with copyrights. You have my approval. I like it! Maybe we could use something like that if we're not stepping on Giants toes. Give me a call sometime during office hours and we'll talk.

BTW, the Alpines are expected to go one-tone for 2008.

Jack A.
IBEX Bicycles

PS. It might be best to downsize your image a bit before you post it as it stretches the screen out too far for some of us if the photo is too wide. I try to limit my photo postings to 720 pixel width. You can always link it to an enlargement if need be.

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Spoke to Jack, apparently it's hard to use multiple color decals since each different color they use there is a $500 dollar setup fee. Thats why all the Ibex decals are usually one color that is easily seen on a changing color variation.

Anyways, I thought the 07 ignitions looked odd, realized the forks were the 2005 stickers.
With updated stickers, the Ignition 2 looks a lot better... a lot.
Its really messy erasing and blending job, but you get the picture.

btw, Ignition 1 academy blue looks funny lol.
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