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Since I got a new frame/ fork/ crankset this year, my kids are due as well. I am pretty happy that my soon to be 8 year old will be riding this in about a week:

Her perfect condtion outgrown princess bike will go to her litte sister who is dying to move from a 12" red thingy to a 16 incher. Schweet!

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guacamole said:
My family is due for an upgrade as well.

Thinking the new kids should whine and cry less. Perhaps actually help around the house as well. Where does one go to upgrade their family?
That's too funny!

I have a 16 year old that doesn't listen I'll loan you for a while. Maybe you can knock some sense into him. If he says I need an iPhone one more time, someone may have to come bail me out of jail.

My response is if you want it, then get a job and buy it.
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