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fairhill: did you survive???

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28 bucks...

seems like i spent at least that much many times before in college to end up huddled in a ball vomiting (hopefully in a toilet or outside, and not on a buddies floor).

but today i was racing, trying to be fast... well i guess i was trying a little to hard.

about 4-5 miles in, after feeling pretty good moving up through the field, i died... it was the top of a long hill and i got the familiar cough that is gonna require a stop. well it didn't stop at just coughing. i threw my bike down and soon i was letting the contents of my stomach go...

i think the heat combined with an overly greazy pre-race meal was just too much for my body to handle.

luckily after 2-3 minutes of disgusting agony it was over, i felt better! someone had just knocked that lead weight outta my belly.

but i kew i better not ride too hard or i would die now out on the course in the heat with nothing in the tank. so i limped on, briefly finding my form and then cracking and dieing on most of the bigger hills. it worked pretty well actually and i ended up with a repectable time (for me anyways) of 2:54 for the 23 miles.

it really sucked not racing up to where i thought i could but it was a good lesson. so i guess i paid 28 bucks not only to puke but to learn a lesson; and to ride almost 20 miles after dieing on the side of the trail.
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Bro, The heat really changes a lot of things, Looking back i think i did a great job hydrating the day before and loading on carbs-

I may have went out a tad too hard, as I quickly noticed a lot of the Sport S2 riders I can usually hang with Pull away- but I felt my body going into the red and decided not to push it, the fast Vet 1 guys caught up to me pretty quick and then some of the medium speed Vet 1 guys caught up, but I think like many others they went out too hard, cause i started passing a lot of the Vet 1 guys again.

I felt the need to balance Water/HEED intake cause I did feel the puke potential coming on, after the last water stop I heard some one yacking, i thought that meant the finish was near!
I survived, but had at least a 10 minute stop to change two tubes.
man i suck, max spends 2-3 minutes puking on the side of the trail only 5 miles into the race and i never caught up to him. i did a good job of prehydrating and keeping myself hydrated on course and never felt bad out on the course. well never felt any worse than i normally do.

i did really appreciate the 2 water stops along the way. pouring a few cups of cold water on my head was awesome. for races in that kind of heat i'm gonna start carrying a water botttle for just that purpose.

god i can't wait to get my new bike, being stuck with one gear ratio really sux. i feel as if i had a smaller gear i would have been able to pace myself much better. while cranking up hills with a big gear is great for the ego it's really just a waste of energy. where does that put me on the 10 phases of singlespeeding?
yeah lance i bet you'd be faster with a lower gear! especially in the tight twisty stuff at farihill and belmont. but then you seem to push that big gear pretty well...

i don't understand the guys who can push a 2:1 on anything... i know plenty of em, but i still don't understand it.

what are you gonna run? i was really happy with 34x20 on my monocog last year but this year i think i'd up it to a 34x19 (i rock the 34x21 on my niner which is basically the same thing).
i have a 32t chainring and bought a 17t and 19t endless cog. i figured the 32x17 was the same as my current 34x18, 1 tooth in the rear less than 2:1. although the more i think about it i'm probably gonna run the 19t to start off with and maybe buy an 18t if i'm spinning out too much.

i can do places like wissahickon on my current 34x18 but i'm needing way too much recovery time after the bigger climbs.
How I survived

I stayed home in the air conditioning :rolleyes:

I admire you guys not only for participating in the race, but for doing so under the conditions. Kudos to max for horking and still kicking Lance's arse. :thumbsup:

Hope to get to ride with you guys at Wiss this summer.

Good job Max! Way better than my tripple flat about 2.5 miles into the course. Damn that sucked!

Oh well. Not like I had placed high at Sewell last weekend anyway.

On the flip side I don't understand guys who can spin 15,000 rpm in 32X20 on the flats. I know plenty of them, I just don't understand! :p
heat wasnt bad i dont think...but i was running a 36x18,and the mud sucked!!!that and i got a flat and i ended up walking the rest of the course across the line...well i rode some but my rims a bit dented...still a blast though!!
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