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The recent thaw left area trails in great shape for biking. Sent this into Icebike the other day. Besides the hot springs photo there's a few more new ones on the yahoo album. Recovering from a slow healing injury (maybe after 50 they're all slow healing) but have worked up to 2 hours rides so heading out of town for an all day'er or overnighter is getting close.

Got a treat riding at the hot springs this last Thur. but found out one of my favorite rides is no more. Riding, snowshoeing and skiing up Monument Creek from the hot springs has been a winter joy for over 30 years but while out at the springs I talked to the owner and he said the lady that owns the property up that creek is suing him over access. Maybe it will open when they get things settled. I've got one great day of riding up that creek on the website.

Sunday got an early start and was on the Love Rd. trails by 7am or so. Really like the new New Diamond headlamp reported on previously. Got a shot of the moon and trail. Hit the "next" button for the hot springs photo.

Our recent thaw had my hopes up and they proved true on yesterday's ride. Tires pumped up hard for the ride down the truck-snowmachine packed pipeline pad I came to a cross trail and instead of letting some air out before trying it like usual I just went for it and was laughing out loud when the soft looking trail was hard and fast. As aways out of town trails will get a good packing over the holiday and afterwards should make for some great riding. t
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