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Fair Price?

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So i have an 07 stumpy fsr comp that I am considering selling and want to know if you think 1600 would be a fair price to sell it for.

I bought the bike in Early march of this year (2008), paying $2100 for it then, and rode it 2 times a week max since then. It has your normal scratches and paint chips, but no dents or cracks and overall is in really good shape.

So, is $1600 a fair price?
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by the way, it is all stock except for the tires are nevegal 2.3 up front and mutanoraptor 2.24 in the back.
Given that leftover 08 Comps are ~1900-2000, you're probably thinking too high.
I just sold that exact bike in the Denver area for $1350. Started it at $1500. My buddy just bought that exact bike, but in Oklahoma with a Chris King headset upgrade for $1200!!! That was a steal, but also in a different market.
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