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Has anybody done this race in the past? Doing it this weekend? Info can be found at:
This will be my first MTB race, and I'm looking for any advice that I can get. I think Im going to stick to the beginner race which is 16 miles. I'm fit enough to ride the 23 mile sport race but with this being my virgin experience, I wanna take things slow. The weather is supposed to be mid 90's and humid(also playing a factor in my decision to ride the shorter distance.) I'm already starting to hydrate. I'm planning on racing with my camelback half full 50oz. A spare tube, a multi tool, and maybe an energy gel or two stuck in my tight shorts. Any comments or suggestions?!

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BShow said:
...I'm planning on racing with my camelback half full 50oz...
I hope you don't mean just 25oz of H20... I plan of racing (Sport) with my full Camelbak 100oz bladder with Cytomax in it. We are gonna need it in the heat. It should be fun. Nice trails. Just take it easy and go at your own pace. You'll find that you will be able to ride faster and longer than you think in a race. Good Luck.

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