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I've been in the market for a new 26" wheel frame and fork for awhile now. And by chance, I stopped at a shop way from home out of the bad habit of having to stop in all shops when I see them, no matter where I am. And they had a 2009 F4 on closeout for the price of the frame a fork alone. So, the dissection began when I got home, and will rebuild with my own bits I've had laying around. What I will be keeping is:

Fork (Deuce 100mm air, 1.5 steerer)
Stem (for now)
Brakes, including rotors

What it will get by end of day tomorrow:
X9 RD and Shifters
WTB Lazerdisk rims laced to XT hubs
Hutchison chameleon 1.95 tires (my all time favorite. When they discontinued them, I bought as many as I could. I have 5 sets, all new and in great condition (no dry rot,) These run great ghetto tubeless BTW and very very fast rolling)
Race face ride XC seatpost
Specialized Indie BG saddle
Raceface Ride XC cranks and BB
Fouriers 32T ring, 22t granny, Raceface Bash
Raceface Ride XC bars
Oury grips.
Time pedals.

Finally found something for all those spare bits.

My questions are: How does everyone like the Fork. I know is a RST, but what would you compare it to, Dart 3? Any issues? I know it weighs a ton (5ish lbs I think.)

Also, the brakes. This has Tektro Auriga Comp in a sweet white. I have a set of Hayes Stroker Rydes laying around. I know the Tektros are lighter, but I have no experience with mineral oil brakes, let alone tektro. Would you switch them out for the Rydes if you had them. I have always like them, but do suffer from fade at times. The "claimed" weight for the Tektros are 318g Fr, 334g Rr, hayes says 412. I'm got 425g when I weighed my Rr, with housing and DOT4 fluid a few weeks ago, with sintered pads.

I'm no weenie, but I like that most, if not all parts I'm replacing have a "claimed" lighter weight, and all have been in use by me for a while and served me well. Should be interesting in what it comes to. Was 30.3 after I installed my Time pedals and cages.

All these bits coming off may be sold to LBS that is always in need of lower end takeoffs, or I may keep them (minus BB and crank, this thing is just too....) to replenish my parts bin. Never know when I need a lower end Deore whatnot...

Pics will be posted tomorrow, I'm house sitting and don't have my camera, or the bits going on. That will be picked up in the morning.

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Now, after looking around online and the Cdale site, I think they must have had a 10 miss labeled (tag said '09 in employee handwriting.) It has a RST Deuce fork and has a gray paint job with while decals and black accents. This was one of those REI type stores, all sporting goods, with C'dale, Giant, and specialized bikes. Not REI, but that kind of store, with a better bike selection. Just guys who know jack. Its a good thing I know my way around the bike, as EVERYTHING was set up incorrectly, and not a bit of grease on the whole thing. Now like I'm gonna keep anything anyway, just wanted to take a spin to the bar before it gets parted out. Anyway, one mans stupidity is another mans luck. Either way, I'm very happy with the frame. And thats all thats important to me at the moment.
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