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Help me ponder on this one if you like

I have an F1000 from 1996 which is currently being used as my singelspeed commuter.
I love the bike, it's story and the handling.

The Fatty hasn't worked properly for a couple of years but being a commuter I haven't really done anything about it - untill now. Yesterday I went to the local Eightyaid wizard to hear his opinion on the fork. No problem, he'll take a look and most probably be able to restore it to it's 1996 glory for 100 euros.

He also offered a "new" Lefty from 2003 right out of the box, I'm not sure which model it is but probably the most basic one. He'll sell it together with a lefty hub for 200 euros -I have an extra discbrake but will need rim, spokes and someone to build the wheel for me.

The bike will still serve as commuter and perhaps (but probably not) get an offroad ride just for the fun of it. The fatty is 60mm (I think) and the Lefty is 100mm.

What do you think - Go fatty way or lefty way ..?

Have a nice weekend all :)
Kasper (commuting on a Nomad these days)
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