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I just ordered a new aluminum monocog in a 17 " size the replace my older steel monocog 19" frame so that I can get front and rear disc brakes. I am considering the usual avid mecanicials,(I have a front avid on my XC 03 unit)perhaps in a 180 or 200mm rotor up front, since this is a heavy duty trail bike for more tecnicial terrain. I also am considering a hayes hfx 9 since they can be had for about $100. I am also considering the lower line avid juicy 5 brake, seen on sale for about $120 or so each. I currently have xtr v brake levers to be used if I go the mechanical route, so good levers are not a problem.
Also would a bigger front rotor on a avid mechanicial be worth the extra couple of bucks??
Thanks for your input
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