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I need new cranks for my DJ'er (04 P2). I've asked this question before and had almost decided on the Azonic 454's but then the Race Face DH Evolve X-type caught my eye. The only thing holding me back from getting the Azonics is the internal BB. All 3 internal BB cranksets I've had in the last year come lose and start creaking. I am now running Saints on my trailbike and the external BB is rock solid. So long story short, I want an external BB which the Race Face Evovle DH has....BUT I can't seem to find it with a single chainring w/ or w/o bash. Do they make a single ring DH Evolve X-type?
Are there any single ring external BB cranksets for under $200?
( I know the Saint and Diabolus come single ring but I don't have that kind of money to spend...on this bike ;))
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