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Just been reading the suspension setup sticky. Thing is I'm not sure how to apply this to a 2004 EXR Pro Air fork. This particular fork only allows adjustment of positive air pressure and has no rebound adjustment etc.

The recommended air pressures in the Marzocchi manuals (29psi for my weight)I have downloaded seem extremely hard to me. I've tried some much lower pressures but judging by the dirt marks it has bottomed a few times even on terrain that isn't really that harsh (and annoyingly doesn't appear to be using the full 120mm travel. That sounds contradictory I know. But these forks seem to have a hard stop point well before the top of the stancions).

Anyone got any experience/pointers on how to get the best from this fork (I don't have the finances to upgrade to something better so I'm stuck with it for the time being, although I have just had it serviced.)

I'm not sure if sag can be accounted for on this fork. In fact I'm curious as to how the whole sag setup applies to hardtails because it seems that not much of the riders weight is put through the front forks in the normal riding position.

Any help would be appreciated though.
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