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Exposure Blaze LED Taillight Mounting Bracket


Machined Aluminum - Titanium Hardware

This piece is a custom made mounting bracket for the Exposure Blaze LED Taillight.

The bracket will fit 31.6 mm seat posts.

After buying my Exposure Blaze LED Taillight, I realized the plastic mount and silicone band that were supplied, were prone to failure.

Losing an expensive taillight like this on the road or trail, was not an option. So I designed a custom bracket that would not be prone to cracking or breaking.

The two halves of the bracket are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, The hardware included is titanium.

The bracket is designed to have a small space between the two halves when it is completely tightened. This ensures the bracket is gripping the light and the seat post as tight as possible. The design was made so that a significant amount of torque can be applied to the hardware to ensure a safe and secure fit.

The taper socket head cap screw, nut and drilled washer are all titanium. They are unbelievably light.

The price to produce this custom mount was roughly $200 US. I only produced three ($600 US total production cost), so the production costs to machine them were high. There are two total mounts available, although this ad is for a single mount / hardware set.

Please feel free to send any questions.
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