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Ex8 or Ex9???

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I am new here, and am leaning towards a new Trek to replace my old bike. I would like to have the best bike that i can get, but without spending more money than I should, so here's my deilema:

I like the Ex 8, but the 9 has a bit more goodies. In all honesty it probably won't matter to me because both are probably better than I can use, but are the parts worth the extra ~$800???

Also anyone have any shops that are offering good deals right now? I saw a post where a guy said he paid 1899 for an Ex8 with the pro deal.

any help is appriciated, thanks

P.S. the remedy is sweet too!
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Just heard the 2010 bikes should be out in August so your LBS should be looking to move their remaining inventory. Check your local Trek Superstore.
I think if you can afford to spend the extra $$, it will be worth it. To upgrade your bike later on will end up costing more. I have a 08 EX8 and didn't think I would upgrade much but I have done a lot to it already... Either way, both are good bikes
I bought the 7, upgraded a bit with carbon risers, tubeless wheels, xt cranks, with exeption of shocks. I demo'd a 9 and it was way better. I wish I would have just spent the $ and bought the one already set up. If you ride often, get the 9 at least! Money saved first is money spent later. Unless you are just spending less to satisfy say...a wife, who will never notice the upgrades you are adding!!! haha good luck
Thanks for the responses so far, I am starting to lean towards the 9, but the LBS has a few 8's and will have to order the 9 in. With the pro deal going on, it's hard not to look at the 9 because the price is almost $800 off list. Have a feeling if I buy the 8, I may end up wishing I spent the money. With the 9 the money is gone and I will always just tell myself it was better.
Good choice, I just picked up a 9 and it's great, I probably would have wished I had gotten a 9 if I went for the 8, it's way fun to ride, and I still getting it dialed in.
Get the 9 if you have the $$$!!! Won't regret it. The rp23 rear shock makes a big difference, as well as the upgrade in wheels. You won't regret it.
I got a 9 after having had an 8. The 8 was nice, but pretty much
everything on the 9 is better. I'm really glad I went ahead and got
the 9. I can't think of one bad thing to say about it, and it is a lot
better bike than the 8. The only things I have changed on it are,
handgrips, saddle, and tires. The best thing about this bike is it
climbs like a goat.

Best, John
I pulled the trigger on a 9. The pro deal was too good to pass up. The parts spec on the 9 is much better than on the 8 (better wheels, XO rear der., XT front der., Elixir brakes, XT cranks, X-9 shifters, RP23 rear shock, RP 24 front fork. You will be much happier with the 9. TB
Test drove both the EX8 and the EX9. EX9 felt much better to me. The shifters and X-0 rear derailleur are smooth as silk, and the ProPedal mode on both the fork and shock makes it feel like a hard-tail on smooth ground and hard pack, but remain instantly reactive when you hit chatter, pits, rocks or roots. Very nice setup.

The EX9 is lightweight (for its class) and comes very close to my 08 Stumpjumper HT in terms of handling tight twistys and switchbacks, yet remains very comfortable and smooths everything out nicely when the ground gets rough.

With the current Trek deal ($500 off) it's a total steal at $2800--no way you could upgrade all the parts on an EX8 (currently $2000ish) and come up with an equivalent bike for less, or even close.

Bought the EX9. Lovin' it.
ordering mine this afternoon. ex9, you all have convinced me. Thanks for the help
Rear Cogs for EX series

I heard the rear Cogs for the Trek EX series is 11-32 and not the 11-34. Is this true?
Yes, this is true. The Stock EX8 and EX9 use a SRAM PG-970 which is a low-mid-grade 11-32 9 speed set.

It was the first thing I swapped the day I got my EX9 I actually had a Shimano XT 11-34 set I picked up off eBay ($60ish) waiting the day I got the bike. Takes about 5 minutes to swap one out as long as you have a chain whip ($20), lockring adapter ($10) and a mid-size adjustable crescent wrench, all tools that any serious bike owner should have on hand anyway.

It actually took me longer to get the rear wheel out and back in than it did to change the cassette itself. for some reason, I'm just not great at getting the rear wheel out of these EX's--it's tighter than I'm used to with the ABP.

dneuwir said:
It actually took me longer to get the rear wheel out and back in than it did to change the cassette itself. for some reason, I'm just not great at getting the rear wheel out of these EX's--it's tighter than I'm used to with the ABP.

It's also a good idea to put a chainstay guard on the left side of the bike as well so the big Avid disc does not dig in to the chainstay every time you take the rear wheel off. Which could be a lot if you throw your bike into the back of a hatchback.
2009 trek ex9


I ordered my new bike today a 2009 ex9. I also ordered a tubeless kit and an 11-34 xt cassette to replace the 11-32 sram cassette. I'm more than a little stoked, the wife is not real thrilled at the money I spent but you only get to buy a new bike every once in a while. Actually I bought a 2008 5.2 madone...oops. Decide to spend the extra money and get a nicely specd bike that should last. Not sure if all the upgrade are necessary but it's easier to spend the money once then to try and explain why i needed to upgrade my new bike. Hoping it will last for awhile....:thumbsup:
Possible EX9 Trade

I have a 2008 EX9 15.5"(small) that I've owned since October of 2009. After several rides I'm finding it's a bit small.

Anyone with a medium that's looking for a small frame & looking to trade?

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