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EX1750 & E2200 DT Swiss wheel info needed.

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Guys i am currently running a set of E2200 wheels on my AM , i have just bought a set of EX1750's . Two reasons , firstly i wanted a 10mm bolt thru on the rear and secondly to knock some rotating weight off .

I have looked for some info on the rims and cant find much , i know that the EX1750 wheels are basically DT 240 hubs and 5.1 rims with an expensive paintjob.

What are the rims on my E2200 ?

The spec says they are basically the same as the EX1750 rims apart from they are not a welded joint .

My E2200's are absolutely bulletproof and just wondering if the 1750 are of the same strength ?

Too late to worry anyhow as the 1750's are on their way, but info would be good.

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E2200 rims are probably cheap versions of the 5.1 ex1750 run aerolite spokes which are a big upgrade in price, a good amount of weight loss, but not sure if I would spend the money to build a set of wheels with those spokes my self.
Yeah DVO1 , i know the difference in the quality , better hubs 240's v 370's , better spokes and nipples , But are the rims identicle apart from the welded joint on the 1750's ?

+ ive just paid twice the price of my E2200's for the EX1750's .
Found the information .....

The E2200 features a DT Swiss 370 hub with a two pawl design, and the rims are the E 540 model and are 28mm wide. The wheels are able to run up to a 2.5" tire and are 32 spokes laced in a 3 cross pattern.

So there is a difference in the rims , my 1750's are DT5.1's and my E2200's are E540's . The E2200 are bulletproof , time will tell on the 1750's :thumbsup:
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