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No longer riding a haro!
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Here is the evolution of my bicycles, starting way back in the summer of 2004 when I really got into the sport.

I started out with a Diamondback bmx bike, that was supposed to be race-ish but I had 4 pegs on it. :roll:

Also during that time, I had a Trek 4300 (2001 I believe). This thing survived alot of abuse and I sold it for $100 as seen in this picture:

Then, I sold my Diamondback and got a more street oriented bmx bike, the dk cincinatti (2004) I was trying to learn to grind and bent the chainring and 1 peice cranks, but was low on money so I got some new 1 piece cranks. :roll:

Later, I got a straight cable, new pedals, tires, grips and a gold brake lever:

After the Trek 4300, I bought a 2004 Haro extreme x1.

I pretty soon bent the fork, and got a new 05' Pike race and an Atomlab aircorp front wheel.

Later on, I got some new parts including Hayes Mag brakes and other parts such and stem, bashguard, cassette, derailluer, grips and more:

Next bike:

I bought this bighit frame and some parts for $550! :eekster: Rear wheel, seat, handlebar, xtr derailluer with shifter, 2 tires and tubes, new headset and pedals! All that for $550!

I got it halfway built up near christmas 2005.

Then I got it near where I wanted, except the fork.

About a month later, I sold the Pike and got a 2005 66rc!

Next, I got sram x.9 all around and some new tires:

Then, I sold my Dk and got a Fit complete for $100. It is alot lighter than the dk.

Lastly, as of two weeks ago I got a Jamis Eureka for $300. I changed a few parts such as pedals and the bashguard. Since the picture I put on new grips and an xtr derailluer.

This is how I roll now:


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im jealosu that u got a bighit, especially that big hit with the parts for 550. thats crazy. nice bikes though man

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very nice...i dont have pics of all my bikes but i have had quit a few all though i have only really been riding seriously for a bit less then a year.

my quick transition from bike to bike went like this:

dk general lee 20''
upgraded frame to an eastern jane and got some other new stuff

then got a kona scrap....
got a new fork very quick and rode it for awhile.

then got a DH bike so i had both the HT and the fully

then pimped the kona and got a new frame and some other stuff
still have the DH bike, but will be replaced with a vp free soon

all of this in around a year....
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