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everyone says "progression" is the key to getting better....

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so i'm taking the forum's advice and starting small and working my way up. i mean, i've barely had a full suspension bike a month. and im in my 30s.

so yeah, the take off is about 36" high and the path is almost 6' wide.

i took two runs at it for speed. chickened out on the 3rd. i changed my focus from the ramp to the landing and hit is just fine.

i felt awesome!! so i hit it over and over again after that.

the ramp is removeable. i stake it down in the back to keep it from tipping. i also cut out two steps for it so i can raise it up and farther back down the hills. (actually another forum member here helped me do it and took the pics.)

so there ya go. seems like stuff is either very beginner or over your head litterally. if i wanna learn, im taking it into my own hands.

here is a pic and thanks for the advice on 'work your way up'!!


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Progression is most definitely the key, when I used to just hit it and hope, I hurt myself a lot! One broken leg and 2 years later I'm better than I ever was cos I take it at my own speed and make sure I'm happy with what I'm hitting. Never thought I'd be doing some if the stuff I am, and wouldn't so confident if I didn't work my way up. Enjoy!
as long as your trying. keep it up and post some more pictures as you progress
Trust me mate i know exactly how you feel. I remember when i was scared to drop off a curb, now im dropping of 1.5m jumps and landing bout 6m down the downy.

When you first hit it your heaps scared, then when you finally do it, your like, whoa that was piss easy!

Its an awesome feeling!
thanks. it really is amazing to me how much fun im having mnt biking. jiu jitsu, supermoto and now mnt biking. its like a fun and fitness overload! hahaha.
Nice man! Progression is definitely the key. Once you start hitting things like that over and over you start to learn basic things about yourself and the bike that you can easily apply to bigger and bigger (and funner :)) things. Keep your confidence up and don't look at the jump, look at the landing!
Nice work. With that stoked attitude you'll be fine.
yeah nice work, personal progress and success is one of my favorite parts of the sport, especially when you mix in a little fear and adrenalin...............the feeling of having successfully done a new more difficult move is a wonderful mix of elation, excitement, and I'll admit a little relief too. Once you've got your confidence and skills up to a certain level it's just a matter of adapting to new only word of caution is to not get lax, you can be relaxed but never think you're too good to give an obstacle your focus, that's when I get crashed on stuff I've hit dozens of times :D
now i just need to find more things in the SD area i can hit. im getting tired of building all of this stuff myself....

rowdstar said:
now i just need to find more things in the SD area i can hit. im getting tired of building all of this stuff myself....
no joke dude!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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