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Everyday is a good day to ride

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or...It's quality over quantity. Dirtydoug, OBChad and myself got out today for a little snowy and cold fun session. Temp was a warm 17 and sun with 6-8" of fresh powder here in Lyons. We looped local like thru the parks then out to Heil and Hall and back to town. To top it off, I moved the espresso machine down to the shop. Beer and caffeine available to all :thumbsup: Hope some of you got out to recreate today.


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So Heil is/was rideable?? May have to head there tomorrow or tuesday..
The warmest it got here in Aurora today was 1. And that was when I checked the weather at 10a.
sprocketjockey9 said:
So Heil is/was rideable?? May have to head there tomorrow or tuesday..
Um, nope. It's going to be a while. When I said lower PR, I really meant lower. We cut into the trail via the town park singletrack then out to Red Gulch Rd. We were only on the last 300 yards or so. Lots of snow. That's the first pic.
It topped out at 2 in North Boulder, now it's in the negatives.
Good thing my soccer game was indoors. ;)

Dashing thru the snow, in a one horse open sleigh
pretty warm at breck. 14˚. currently 12˚ in ned
It's cooled down a bit here in Westminster. Temp at 4:30pm:
I don't know, my freehub froze while I was getting groceries, anyone have any remedies for this?
DanD said:
I don't know, my freehub froze while I was getting groceries, anyone have any remedies for this?
Build a fixie?
SlowerThenSnot said:
Build a fixie?
Have a pair of them, prefer to hit the powder with big tires though on days like today. I guess the chameleon wouldn't be a problem fixed, just need a new chain.
Does shoveling count as exercise?
Air Temp: -1
Water Temp: +-35
Wind Speed: 5-10 mph from the south
Camera battery life: limited at this temp
Rear shock: stuck in compressed mode (must be time to build the soft tail back up)


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I thought about it, but a half hour cleaning up snow in the cold convince me it was a better day to rebuild a hub. Good for you guys.
Dang...I went for a ride with my cheesy little Kodak EasyShare in my back jacket pocket. It was about 8degrees in the south Denver ' cam turns on, but the lens cover does not open. Three tries...I had a nice panoramic view of the metro under slight snow and sub-freezing temps. Oh well. Do you carry your camera in your armpit or what?

I was so heavily dressed, I fully expected to be stripping off items...not a one. It was cold for sure. At a little less than 2 hours out, I was really glad to be pulling up at home. And glad the tip of my nose did not exhibit any immediate evidence of frostbite. Fun. :) Darn trailrunner stole my fresh pow though. Gotta start earlier. ;-)
-- Unless this happens to you . . .

Every day is a good day to ride, unless the following happens to you (copied from an entry posted today on the website regarding making your own studded snow tires):

"I've got 380 screws in each tire for my 29'er. It sucked and took two days to do. Then I took them out and did wheelies past the skaters on the rink at Lake of the Isle. That was cool. Then I rode over the hard crusty snow piles from the plows and found the one spot on the lake that was like a tupperware bowl. It had a thin layer of ice over what was basically a giant bowl of water with a frozen bottom. I went through the ice and completely underwater with my bike. I don't know how this thing formed. It was a freak of nature because the ice was about 5 feet thick on the rest of the lake and it was about -10 degrees out.

Anyway, I got myself and my bike out and in the three blocks it took me to get home my clothes had completely frozen. I couldn't take them off. I had to jump into the shower (helmet, shoes, over boots and all) and melt myself.

It was crazy cold and I remember people trying to talk to me as I was riding away. I looked at the warming house and thought if it was closed I was going into hypothermia so I just rode by it and went for the house because I knew my roommate was home and the door was unlocked.

I also got few scrapes on my face from the ice when I went OTB through the thin layer.

Anyway that sucked but I do like the tires!"
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sgltrak said:
Another from today's ride:
What a great photo -- where was it taken?
tundraline said:
What a great photo -- where was it taken?
Horsetooth Reservoir - Fort Collins
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