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Every One Else gets one!.. Cul's B-day Thread

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Well, I'm kind of thought bike freak would post one... Anyways is was my birthday the other day, the 24th, so I just thought I'd tell everyone about it...

Actually It was kind of a tough birthday for me- so I wanted it a bit low key, 3rd year with out Dad who's anniversary is in the same week and I was just feeling kind of down... The morning of my birthday was a nice one and needing to get in some trainnig time I thought I'd head out on the roadie for a while before work. It was quiet enjoyable, and I may start getting up earlier every day to go for a ride.

I took the camera with me, for the first time- and thought I'd snap some pictures for my web blog as it's pretty quiet at the moment with no real races coming up. Check out if you are at all interested :p

Anyways I snaped some photo's and I had not looked at them to see how they turned out until today, I am quiet pleased with them so I thought I'd post em here... The photo's are of my regular riding route- the out and back one pretty flat, but quiet windy good for those base miles :) I also saw 2 rather big Falcons about 15m away from each other just floating in the air on the way home; they must have been startionary in the air for a good 45 seconds before one dived down for food... Spewing I didn't have the camera out then.


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Sorry Cul!!! Happy birthday for the other day:)

Looks like fun, did you have lights with you?
Happy Birthday Cul!

Bike_freak is probably still cleaning his new bike after getting it a bit dirty yesterday at the Short Track race. ;-)
Cheers Guys :)

Yeah it sure was fun- not as fun as riding at 5am on the MTB though ;-) I only had a rear blinker going for the ride; If I was leaving any earlier though, even only 10min earlier I would definatly need lights.

Sunrises rock ;-)
Happy birthday Aaron!! Sorry I didn't spot it. :)

I'll make some lame excuse about not being online for a while.... *cough "yep that'll do it"* :D

Your blog is a refreshing read compared to a lot out there. Must be the Aussie touch!! I've been meaning to take my camera out on the trail with me for a while now. Will have to get around to it soon.

Cheers, Dave.
Happy Birthday CulBaire - there will come a time when you don't want people to celebrate them. Glad you can still do it! :)


(PS - I'm off to visit your blog)
[Damn - thwarted by the bloody Internet Nazis. Blog is blocked here at the day job]
Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Cul

Sorry it wasn't a totally enjoyable day for you mate. Nice Blog :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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