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event photography

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hey all,

who does the photography at all the events? just whoever? is there an actual photographer who comes?

i have some nice equipment and would love to take some pictures from an event (action shots mostly), but man, i don't know about carrying this stuff up some 10 mile trail and then crashing on the way down and ruining everything.

its heavy, and i know i won't "take it easy", as that just doesn't work...

anyhow, just wanted to know what people usually do. i would suspect you use some small digital cameras that you can toss in your pocket or something.

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At what events? Most of us just go on rides.
my bike oregon, whatever the event is called this weekend, all comers meet, etc

i have noticed numerous posting with people at races, etc
We just stop and take pictures. Basic digicams. Nothing special.

PhotoMatt, PhotoMatt, he's our man,
if he can't catch it, no one can!

(PhotoMatt AKA Sasquatch.)

PhotoMatt just carries yer basic good-quality pocket digicam(s).

Here's his secret: be there!

See you in Oakridge this weekend, man! :thumbsup:

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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