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Event @ Fort Rock Sat. AM 6/20

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Just wanted to make as many people as possible aware of the fact that there is a trail race (running) taking place in the Fort Rock (Henderson-Swazey/Oaklands) woods this Saturday (6/20) from 8am-1pm.

. The race (The Exeter Trail Race) is a 4 and 10 mile trail race that will take place on BOTH SIDES OF 101. The parking lot on the Henderson-Swasey side of the property (the popular one by the RR underpass) will be closed from 8am-1pm. PARKING WILL BE AVAILABLE ACROSS THE STREET IN THE PUBLIC WORKS PARKING LOT. While the RR parking lot will be closed from 8-1 the actual race will not be starting until 10am and we hope to have everyone off of trails before 12:30. So while the trails will technically be open, many of the trails (which will be marked) will have racers running on them from 10-12:30. We ask that if you feel you must use the trails during this time that you please be respectful of the runners and the race.


Check out the race at:

Questions contact the RD's at: [email protected]

We also want to thank NEMBA members and all the local riders and trail workers who make these trails some of the best in NH. Part of the funding will be going back to the Trails Committee to help fund further improvements to the trails at Fort Rock.
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