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Even if You're not a Racer: Ride the Fontana Super D!

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Most of us aren't racers. But, all of us (reading forum posts on MTBR anyway) are mountain bikers. And most mountain bikers love trails like those in MOAB, Downieville, Fruita, etc.

Joe Lawwill has done his best to carve out a course in SoCal (Fontana) that combines the most exciting elements of great trails and at the same time, has used what he's learned in teaching at Bikeskills over the past seven years, to design a course that we can all ride without fear of life and limb.

If you want to race in the Fontana Super D, go for it. If you want to just ride it, that's fine to. Best of all, for first time Super D riders, it's just $10 to ride Joe's epic course (watch it here:

For more information and or to sign up, go to:
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For those that don't know, Super D is a kinda hybrid XC/DH thing, without being extreme in one or the other. You don't need a special bike, your everyday AM rig will work great.

And unlike XC, it's a timed course, so no dealin' with some monkey on your butt yellin' "TRACK TRACK" or some ghetto booty in front of you blocking the view.

Contrary to popular belief, Lawill DOES have a sense of humor, so expect a jump or two and some fun techy stuff.

Even if you don't race it this time, at least get out there and watch. You'll get pumped to try it next go round.
Is it easy to follow the course. I'd like to get out there and ride the course a few times before I decide. Is it easy to follow?
Great post! I have yet to hit Fontana but this makes me think I may need to get there soon.:thumbsup:
The course changes for every race, but it's well marked with blue paint arrows and yellow signs (with blue arrows).
If you can find your way through the Fully Loop, following the course is cake.

Needless to say, the race goes off in about an hour from this post. But a new season starts up soon, so check out Southridge Racing for the schedule.
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