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European vacation

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We are a Canadian couple planning a vacation approximately 10 days combining riding and sight seeing. We ride all mountain and DH.

The Alps is our focus. (France, Switzerland, Austria?) What would you suggest as an itinerary? clean bike friendly places to stay? sights to see eg Paris, trains? Best time to travel? Any links?

Really appreciate any suggestions
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I'm from Belgium, but maybe I can give some usefull info...

Here are some links to begin with:

Bike friendly hotels, mainly Austrian side of the Alps

Swiss mtb spots

All official french mtb spots. Click on the region of your choice in the map of France. Every number is an official bike spot.

For actual downhill you'll have to check the local spots...

Hope this helps you a bit.

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Heading out to Germany tomorrow. Thanks for the links, family moved 10 minutes from France,....Southwest Germany. Hope to find some new trails.
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