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Vittoria E-Goma G+ Isotech

Vittoria E-Goma G+ Isotech​

Graphene Explained

According to Vittoria, Graphene is a revolutionary material in the form of a very thin, nearly transparent sheet of carbon. With the application of Graphene, Vittoria claim to have created intelligent tires - the compound is said to become harder and softer, depending on the needs of the rider. If the tire is rolling straight, the rubber is at its hardest and offers low rolling resistance. If the rider brakes, accelerates or corners, the compounds soften up, offering more grip. For mountain bikes, five new tires have been developed. Vittoria is also using a four head rubber extruder, that means it can use different rubber compounds depending on the place on or in the tire.

Vittoria Revolution G+ Isotech

Vittoria Revolution G+ Isotech

Revolution (urban/mixed terrain) G+ Isotech

The Revolution tire is designed with a reverse tread, which maximizes surface area and grip or pavement and hard pack dirt. Available in 26 x 2.0", 27.5 x 2.0" and 29 x 2.0". Weights starting at 280g.

Vittoria Mezcal G+ Isotech

Vittoria Mezcal G+ Isotech​

Mezcal G+ Isotech

This cross country classic is upgraded with the new Graphene compound. It has a well defined center-ridge tread for low rolling resistance; a low profile, densely spaced knob configuration; multiple effective braking and climbing edges; and capable side knobs. Available in 26 x 2.1", 27.5 x 2.1" or 2.25" and 29 x 2.1" or 2.25". Weights starting at 580g.

Vittoria Morsa G+ Isotech

Vittoria Morsa G+ Isotech​

Morsa G+ Isotech

The new Morsa is a multi-condition enduro/DH tire. It has an aggressive open tread for demanding conditions; sharp, square edges that bite into the terrain; curved siping providing a improved tactile grip and ramping leading edges that minimize rolling resistance. Available in 26 x 2.3" or 2.5", 27.5 x 2.3" or 2.5" and 29 x 2.3". Weights starting at 740g.

Vittoria E-Barzo G+ Isotech

Vittoria E-Barzo G+ Isotech​

E-Barzo and E-Goma G+ Isotech

The E-Barzo and E-Goma tires are designed for e-bikes. They offer the new G+ Isotech compound for increased strength and durability and improved durability for use with electric motors.

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