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Eurobike Wet Demo

While light rain fell for the entirety of Eurobike's Demo Day, the precipitation did little to dampen the spirits of attendees and exhibitors. And with some of the things we saw at the Demo, optimism would seem to be a prerequisite. Here are nine things we saw that we're just gonna file under "different."

Triple fat

Just when you thought you'd seen all things bovine, comes a recumbent, three wheel fat trike. Interestingly, we saw this thing all over the venue, yet nobody was riding it-usually they were pushing towards a friend with a camera.

Eurobike Conti Foos

Hand-eye stop-by

Exhibitors use gimmicks galore to draw people into their booths at trade shows, most of which are pretty lame. Continental Tires scored one in the "not lame" column with their custom-branded foosball table.

Eurobike ZeroFlats

Hellraiser, the tire

We presume ZeroFlats makes tire sealant along the lines of Stan's or Orange Seal. Then again, they may make ice-racing conversion kits.

Eurobike Monkey Bike

Tech Big Wheel bike

This strange bike attracted a crowd wherever it went and we had to research it since it defies quick explanation. Details on this MC2 bike are here.

Eurobike Wagner Blimp

Airship awesome

We're still waiting for one of the bike brands to step-up and brand a blimp for Eurobike. And we're absolutely not suggesting that inside a dirigible would be the world's best place to do a press launch a feathery light bike product or anything like that.

Eurobike Beer Thirty

Beer thirty

Beer thirty starts at 9:30 am at Eurobike and happens every hour on the half-hour, accompanied by oversized pretzels and tubed meat. Make a note of it.

Eurobike My Boo

Boo who?

My Boo showed off their bamboo-constructed bikes at the Demo in Freidrischaen. We lied them except for the name…we booed that.

Eurobike Shower Truck

So dirty

Mountain bikers are a dirty bunch, so the tradeshow organizers brought in a truckload of showers. And no, the young lady pictured was not in attendance.

Eruobike Fashion Show

So jazzy

Organizers spare no expense when it comes to the famous Eurobike fashion show. Here they do a little enduro interpretive dance.

This article is part of Mtbr's coverage of the 2014 Eurobike trade show in Freidrichschafen, Germany. For more from Eurobike CLICK HERE.