Eurobike Mtbr

Scott Big Ed

Liveried with bright blue and green highlights, Scott's matte black Big Ed turned a lot of heads during Eurobike's Demo Day.

Eurobike Haibike Fat Six

Haibike Fat Six

Haibike's Bosch-powered Fat Six combines fat tires and electric power with a RockShox Bluto fork.

Eurobike Silverback Fatty Double-Scoop

Silverback Fatty Double Scoop

Since this Silverback fatbike is named for ice cream dosage, we figure this yellow one must taste like lemon.

Eurobike Stevens Mobster

Stevens Mobster

German brand Stevens brought their oddly named Mobster fatbike to the Eurobike party. Do they think mobsters are fat? And Funny? Funny like a clown?

Eurobike Race Face Turbine Fat Spindle

Race Face Fatbike Crank Spindles

Race Face showed their newish Turbine crankset equipped with a fatbike spindle. The company has made a variety of spindles for their modular Turbine, SixC and Next SL cranksets, allowing them to be configured for almost any bottom bracket width, standard or fat.

Eurobike Univega Impulse

Univega Impulse

Univega's Impulse electric fatbike looks like something out of Mad Max.

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Eurobike Mtbr

Eurobike Triple Fat

Ummm wow

When two fat tires aren't enough, add a third and make it a recumbent while you're at it. Actually we were disappointed it wasn't electric and a fixie.

Eurobike KTM Fat Rat

KTM Fat Rat

Austian moto brand KTM brought a boatload of black and orange bikes to Eurobike, including the Fat Rat pictured here. We just have one question-What would Ken Roczen think?

Eurobike Ritchey Commando

Ritchey Commado

We got a sneak peek at the Commando a couple of months ago at Ritchey's San Carlos, Calif. HQ before they had enough parts to put it together. It was nice to see a fully-built version of the "farmer's bike" here at Eurobike.

Eurobike Bionix Fat-E

BionX Fatbike Motor

BionX's electric assist motor installs on a standard fatbike, adding a power option to your fatbike.

Eurobike Salsa Bucksaw

Salsa Bucksaw

The first production dual-suspension fatbike is still one of the few, and Salsa's Bucksaw proved quite popular during Demo Day.

This article is part of Mtbr's coverage of the 2014 Eurobike trade show in Freidrichschafen, Germany. For more from Eurobike CLICK HERE.