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Euphoria Ridge on HWY 42

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If anyone happens to be traveling to/from the coast via highway 42 bring yer bike. Euphoria Ridge is a 5 minute drive off the highway in the "town" of Bridge. This trail was put in some time ago and despite a lack of attention is still quite nice. It NEEDS to be ridden. Unfortunately, it is hardly marked at all (except for a sign at the turnoff from the highway) so it's very hard to navigate unless you know your way. This is kinda a good thing because it keeps the moto types off for the most part. The ride is comprised of a sttep 2.5 mile rock road climb followed by a technical up and down single track, two short sections of nice loopy single track in between short gravel road descents and finally a nice long flowy singlestrack through huge trees. There is also an optional trail and associated climb you can tack on although it's currently a very "tactile" (but fun) experience with some hike-a-bikes.

Here is a pretty much useless link to a map and description:

also there's a trail review here:

If you really want to ride this trail you can just shoot me an email at:

tristanhuff at hotmail dot com

I have a flexible work schedule so I can probably come ride with you , otherwise I'll give you directions as best I can. I'm working on sketching out a good map for folks to use
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Thanks a ton for the info Tristan! I was going to ride this on my way thru with family to Bandon a couple of summers ago, but opted not too due to shady trail directions. Next time I am in the area I will give you a beep.

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