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EU-Financed Biking Projects

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Not a huge thing, but still somewhat important to know that there is/was something going on:

My city is one of the ones listed below, so I see first-hand the benefits of this project, although not being here before the project, I can't discern what was there already.

Most of the stuff there hasn't been updated in some time, but it was printed in the recent EU Elections information booklet. Perhaps I'll get in touch with the committee and see what's going on.

Now does anyone have any real info on what is going on now? Anyone from any of those regions besides me?

The UrBike Project is an initiative for European inter-regional cooperation within the framework of the Interreg IIIC Community Programme. It focuses on studying contemporary urban problems and mobility, and proposes maximising the use of the bicycle as an alternative and more flexible means of transport within cities.

The idea is to maximise the real integration of bicycles into urban transport systems whilst emphasising its influence on the development of urban planning policies. In order to do this, the project intends to draw maximum attention to the positive effects that the full integration of the bicycle will have on urban roads.

It does so basically using a method: first identify which obstacles are limiting the use of bicycle in each partner city, then try to solve these obstacles through proper local projects in each partner city.

UrBike develops its activites in three main directions:
- Local Projects, for each partner;
- Demonstration Investments, in Florence and Sevilla: small urban infrastructures that will be realized through the cooperation of the nine European cities working together to define and achieve them;
- Thematic Working Groups: groups for exchange experience on particular issues, as how to deal with bike parking, or how to better promote use of bicycle.

The 8 cities from the different countries which are taking part in the project are : Seville (Spain), Florence (Italy), Frederiksberg (Denmark), Dresden (Germany), IId district of Budapest (Hungary), Kielce (Poland), Xanthis (Greece), and Mesa Yitonia (Cyprus). The Steering Committee is composed of representatives from each participating city.

The UrBike Project is to be developed over a three year period, starting on the 1st of January 2004 and finishing on the 31st of December 2006, on a overall budget of 1.510.000 euro.
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