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ups and downs
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There's a bit of brake jacking but I wouldn't describe it as excessive, it is less than my Instinct used to do. It can be reduced by clicking the damping up a notch or two.

I haven't really had any significant bob problems with the original AVA Pro Pedal shock or the new RP3.

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a little brake jack but manageable

I have a 2002.5 with a non-propedal Vanilla RC and coil Marzocchi 100 mm. Depending on
how you use your brakes it will jack a bit. Also it will jack more in the 4.5" rear travel setting.
The jack is most noticeable if you apply front brakes then grab a handful of rear brake. Gently
use the rears first then apply front brake seems to minimize the effect. As for bob, so much
is subjective and rider dependent. If you pedal squares any bike will bob. A smooth, high
cadence, which seems to be missing in the mtb world, helps. That and the ETSX seems
fairly bob-free. Really, RM is spec'ing a custom valved RP3.

A further note on brake jack: all bikes with comparable IC placement will brake the same.
The ETSX shares an IC placement with the Ellsworth bikes. Apart from issues with Ellsworth
himself, there are a lot of satisified Ellsworth owners.

And as for bikerx40...he's comparing apples and oranges and says he hates apples.
It takes more than a day to dial in a bike to your liking and he was riding the ill equiped
2003 or 2004 ETSX-30.

More about BOB...ever follow a sloppy roadie...the back tire is bouncing like ping-pong ball.


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I get a little jacking but not enough to over ride the fact that the bike rides and performs so well. I ride mine set at the 4.5 travel and just enjoy the extra travel. I think it would be more valid as a negative if anything to say that the stand-over height is higher than most are used too. Even though it is heavier than most XC bikes it pedals much lighter.
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