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Anybody have feedback on ESI grips? They aren't widely available in shops or online and there seems to be very little info/reviews outside of the few on MTBR.
Any info/feedback would be most appreciated!

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I was steered onto these ESI grips by a mate who has been using them for a while.

I purchased a few sets and tried them out for myself.

I have used lots of different types of grips before the ESI and most are fine, but the ESI Silicone grips are the finest I have ever used .... I kid you not.

The feeling: Soft, comfortable, no 'hand burn', damps vibes, don't slip even when soaked, don't spin on your bars, helps to prevent 'arm pump' ... and they are pretty cheap to buy.

The grips feel almost ... sexual. Soft .... like ......... well, if you don't wear gloves when you ride, the grips feel a bit like ..... breasts. :eekster: :)

Undoubtedly, the best grips I have ever used.

There are two styles, the light weight racer weight weenie grip and the Chunky grip. I use the Chunky.

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