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Eris Droid GPS and UK OS maps using Oruxmaps

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We just got done with a 2 week NW Scotland MTB trip. All I can say is, we're already planning on heading back, pretty incredible country to mountan bike in. Anyway, the purpose of the thread is to give some feedback on the Oruxmaps app for the Droid. It worked great. I've got an HTC Eris and although we couldn't use it as a phone, the GPS capabilities without cell tower help was spot on, even in remote areas. A big plus for UK travel are that you can download the Ordinance Survey maps for free and then use them as basemaps. Not that I navigated with the phone on the handlebars, I don't think the phone is that robust, but mainly I pulled it out of the pack to "check" that we were in fact where I thought we were on the paper map. Pretty good value, especially for a free app.
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I have been using the "My Tracks" app for my droid and it has been working quite well.
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