For 2016, Ergon has a new saddle designed for all day comfort, as well as a slimmer version of its popular GE1 grip.

Video: Ergon SMA3 Saddle and GE1 Slim Grips

Mountain bike legend Richie Schley and enduro racer Rachel Throop discuss the new SMA3 Enduro saddle and GE1 Grips.

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The new Ergon SMA3 saddle is based off the previous enduro model, but Ergon redesigned it to be more comfortable. It is also built with an anti-friction coating to allow riders to move around without catching on the saddle.

Also new is the GE1 slim grip, which was developed in part with input from Rachel Throop. Like the standard GE1, the grips have an ergonomic form factor, and are super tacky.

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