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Epiphany...X-Mas Comes Early

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Well it has been a long 2 months of waiting, but todays ride confirms it was well worth it. Here are some shots of unboxing it last night, and of the bike after my ride today. I don't have any nice daylight shots yet, that is my next project.



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Nice Ride Pain

Did you ride the bike with the seatpost at the same height as the photo? What size is the Epi and how tall are you?
She's a Beauty!

Looks like a great build, Glad to see you got her earlier than first expected! it gives me hope I might see mine before Feb next year. I have also opted for a Black frame. Can you post some pics of her in better lighting ? Also interested to see your full spec. And of curse, how does she ride ? :mad: I am sooooo jealous!!
Yeah, that's my seat height, it looks (and is) really long, but thats the bullit I had to bite. I am a xc/epic(marathon?)/trail rider and thus ride my seat at a higher extension. Also, Ellsworth designs (on the Moment & Epiphany) have silly long top tubes so I wasn't comftorable with the 19". I am 6' with an inseam of 34-35", and I have plenty of top tube on this bike, though if you are any bigger, i'd check out (test ride) the 19".

Having so much (vertical) room underneath me I have found to be an advantage for flicking the bike around and balancing over obstacles...also very easy to mount & dismount (I am getting lazier in my old age). I am researching a gravity dropper seat post for some of the more dicey stuff i'll be riding on, but i'll wait for the all black version.

There is no doubt in my mind this has to be one of the best 5" bikes you can buy, I haven't ridden the 5 Spot, but I really can't imagine any bike being ANY better than the EPI.

Relative to my Litespeed HT, the geometry of the EPI alows for much much sharper turning without my front wheel pushing out, I will have to push myself to find this bikes limits - its really scarey easy to ride. It climbs with such incredible ease that I was clearing steep steep loose gravely/rocky climbs that i've never managed before - and that was on my 1st "break in" ride on the bike! I can't imagine how much of a better biker i'll be after I get a few more rides in to fully adapt to riding full-suspension. I am still getting the feel of loading the fork & shock consecutively to "pounce" over and up onto objects. The braking will take some time, my Juicies are not working so hot yet, i've been told they need a few rides to "seat" - we'll see.

Descending is heaven, the bike has such trackability, it saved me a few times when my old HT would have slid out - increadible confidence inspiring. The bike is so efficient, I was kind of bummed when I 1st hopped on it because it didn't feel like it had 5" of travel, it feels super tight and reactive, which was very alarming - I want a bike that will be a fun trail bike - should I have gotten the Moment??? - But then I jumped on my wife's 4" bike to feel the difference and was shocked to feel myself bottoming out instantly...this is amazing b/c before I got the EPI I felt my wifes Dakar XC Comp was SOO PLUSH - now it feels like a xc racer set up compared to mine. Thats a relief, for now the 5" seems perfectly nimble yet plush.

The EPI loves to air, over lips and ledges, it sails with confidence, and lands soo buttery smoothe. Again, this was only the "break in" ride, I hope to have a more detailed ride report for you'all later.

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Hi Pain

How much do you weigh ? I'm a clyde at 6"3 and 216 pounds and am considering the 19" Epi. I was wondering how the Epi would cope with a slightly stronger/heavier build spec.
Your build looks bomb-proof enough for me but I'm note 100% sure. I am wanting to go as light as possible for a heavier bloke.


I weigh about 172 (no gear). I don't know for sure how this bike will work for you...if you check out Moment riders that have the same weight as you, they would be able to give you a pretty clear indication if the bike will work or not.

My gut feeling is that it will be fine, because I know there are a lot of clydsdale riders on the Turner Flux & Spot, and they tend to have a similar setup & shock. The large EPI is such a cool looking frame, I would like to test ride one to see how it feels compared to my medium.

baycat said:
What is the weight?

Damn nice bike too!
I can't believe I haven't weighed it yet :confused: ... I believe it is lighter than my hard tail though. I'll weigh it tonight. By the way, if I have a digital bathroom scale, why do people say that it is not an accurate way to weigh a bike.

1st - Hold bike and weigh self on scale
2nd - weigh self without bike & subtract the diff.
Seems logical to me, I have heard these bikes are really light for the amount of travel they have.

Ok PAIN . . . I really want to see some action shots of this thing! Can you hurry it up a little with the pics?
Pinch said:
Ok PAIN . . . I really want to see some action shots of this thing! Can you hurry it up a little with the pics?
I'll try to get my camera out on far they are calling for rain though...

So does anybody else have any action shots yet??
here are some Epiphany action shots


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Nice ride!!


that is a sweet ride! How do you like the revelation on the front. I just ordered a 5 spot and am torn between the AM1 and the Revelation. Not a ton of reviews or track time since the fork is so new, how do yu like yours? Why did you choose that fork?

I'm considering a medium Epi. I have a medium Moment now. Could you measure the "actual" wheelbase. I ask this because my Moment measures longer than the the published data -

Catalog = 43.0
Actual = 44.75 (with a 125mm fork)

I'm looking for a snapper ride.

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