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Heads up Flyboy!!
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Hey guys and gals,
A bunch of friends and myself are going to Damascus in June for a weekend of epic riding. We're looking to optimize use of singletrack even if some of it is climbing. We know hike a bikes and will do but want as much downhill and singletrack as possible. The plan is to leave vehicles at one of the bike shops in town and shuttle to Skull's Gap. We have a route similar in Pisgah that we shuttle that is 42 miles long and has about 10,000 ft of accumilated climbing. From there we want to do a 6-8 hr epic ride with at least 30 miles of trail/Service roads. I'm sending this out in hopes that my someone will comfirm my route will do or correct some of my thinking in length,time, and best way of riding it. Trail numbers are from the National Geographic Mount Rogers map.

From Skull's Gap
Old FS 600 to Iron Mtn 301
left down Lum 4544
Left down Straight Branch 168
up FS 600
right on Iron Mountain trl 301
left FS 84
Right old FS 84 (4630)
Immediate left down Jerry's Crk 165
Right FS 643
Right up Roland Crk 164
Right FS 84 or would Old FS 84 (4630) do?
FS 84 back to Skull's Gap
Iron Mtn (301) to Shaw's Gap
Left down Breetree Gap (4551) to 58
right on 58
right on FS 90
left up Bushwacker 4629
quick left around the gate on the Iron Mtn Spur A 4641
Right on Feather Camp Ridge 4550
Bearing left onto Sawmill Trail (4556) and passing by Buzzard Den trail on the left
FS 615 to FS 90 left (east) on the Iron Mtn trail
Left down Chestnut Ridge 4542
Left on FS 615 back to FS 90
Right on the Iron Mtn Spur A 4641
straight (west) onto the Iron Mtn trail 301
to FS 4038 Mock Holler
to Hwy 58

Thanks for any help any of you can give

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