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Epic Owners Can I get some Input On how it Rides.

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I just got a epic 03 with 04 brain its being built at my LBS got Lucky and got the frame for $650. That gave me the cash to build the bike the way i wanted to just waiting for my 05 fox fork 100x to come in. I will post a picture when its all done here are some of the parts that are on it. I have demoed the bike in the parking lot and it didn't have any of the parts below that are on my bike. Anybody that can give me any details on how it rides on the trails i would appericate it.

Epic Frame 04 brain
Fox 100x 05
Mavic Crossmax SL rims 717
Marta SL Brakes
Moots Laid back seat post
Moots stem
Chris King TI head set
LP Composite Handle Bars/ Bar ends
Sram X.O Rear Derailer
Sram X.O Twist Shifter
Sram 9.0 Front Derailer
SRAM PG 990 9-speed Cassette
SRAM PC-99 (9 speed)
Crank FSA Carbon Pro Team Issue
Bottom Bracket FSA Ultimax Xtreme ISIS Drive
Pedals Time ATAC XS Ti Carbon
Saddle WTB Rocket V
Tires Specialized Roll-X Pro 2.0, aramid bead, 120 tpi

Play Hard Ride Harder :D
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I have a 2003 with F100x forx. It is a great combo. Feels like a hardtail most of the time, but you can hit rougher lines than a hardtail and still be in control. You can also pedal through rough stuff when your hardtail buddies are pumping their legs to absorb the hits. This is the area that you can gain ground on the hardtail. Compared to my non stable platform bike, the rear end locks so I can hammer out of the saddle to crest a hill and attack. Rear end or forx becomes active sometimes when you don't want it to (hits a bump but you still want to hammer).

I really love this bike for xc racing, but I would get something plusher if I was just doing trail riding.

Enjoy the new bike!
It rides horrible, it's the worst thing I've ever ridden.

No really, it rides great, it's the best bike ever.

Does it matter, since you've already bought it? You'll find out soon. :D

I have close to your setup, but with an 04 sworks frame, and it's a dream. I liked it so much I bought another one (same frame as you) and built it up with spare parts I had laying around for long fire road/ dirt road training rides. So yes, it is the best.

Wow I just looked at your profile. You're 11 days younger than me.
Epics yes yes what!

Sweet thanks for the reply I was going to get the 04 S-works also but for $650 for the frame gave me the money to get wild and get more hehe save myself $1300 dollors and i can still get the carbon replacement for the rear gonna look into it i plan on doin a race this year. Do u have any pictures of ur bike I would love to see it and how much does urs weigh. I hear that its really fast going up hills whats the biggest drop u have done i dont do drops just wondering whats its limt there.
the carbon swing link doesn't fit on the 03 frame, they're sized differently. The 03 frame you have is 300g heavier than the 04 sworks, not a big deal. I think there are pictures of my bike in the specialized bike picture thread, on the third or fourth page. I don't do drops. I race xc. If there is a drop on the course I can handle, I'll do it, but it's never been an issue. It's not a bike for doing drops. I think it weighs right around 25 lbs. It could be lighter but the cost is prohibitive.
Has the Epic helped U Racing!

Has ur Epic helped u as far as ur racing is concerned if so what do u notice about it that was different from ur older bike?
G-R-E-A-T.. only way to describe it.


I bought my 2003 Epic Comp frame and built it completely (I didn't get a Fox fork though - I had already spent too much on everything else - )

Here's my current setup:

Epic frame
Complete 2004 XT Group (including disc brakes and dual control levers)
Marzocchi MX Comp with ETA (105mm travel)
Thomson stem and Setback seatpost
Race face low riser handlebar
Mavic X717 Disc rims on XT hubs.

It rides awesomely!!!! It let you climb as hard as your legs and lungs let you, yet swallow the big bumps along the way. I don"t do any racing, but i LOVE IT.
You will love yours!!.

Enjoy it!!



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Great bike. I built an 2003 S-Works and have about 6 races on it and it has been a great ride. I have had a few problems related to chain suck and ghost shifting, but that was all due to set-up errors (like to short of cable housing that runs under BB) and/or bad shifts (under pressure).

I got an XL frame

Here are my specs:

FRAME Specialized S-Works Epic XL
FORK Fox Forx 100 RLC
BB Race Face Siganture XS 113
CRANKSET Race Face Turbine LP (ISIS) - Silver
CHAINRING Race Face 24-36-46
PEDALS Crank Brothers Candy SL
F. DERAILLEUR XT (but looking for 34.9 SRAM 9.0)
COGSET SRAM 9.0 Powerglide II Cassette 11-34
HUBS Cris King (Red)
RIMS Mavic 819
TIRES Explorer UST 2.1
BRAKES Hope Mini: 160 Front - 160 Rear
SEATPOST Thompson Layback 30.9mm x 410mm-Silver
SADDLE WTB Rocket V Laser Saddle
HEADSET Chris King 1-1/8 Threadless - Black
STEM Easton EA50 120mm
HANDLEBARSEaston EA 70 Riser 2" Black

Got most of my stuff from Larry at Mt High Cyclery. Custom built wheels are the best way to go...great quality without Crossmax price. Gotta love those CK hubs...

Good luck!


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No, not a hucking bike at all...

But not strictly a racing bike, either. I love mine, my wife says her's is the best bike ever!" I enjoy cross country riding mostly, but I took my Epic out to Moab this spring and it handled everything easily. Not as plush as my Enduro was and, if I lived there and rode those trails all the time, I'd likely stay with the Enduro or something similar, but for me... I like cross country mostly and this bike was indeed made for that!


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I love the way mine rides - really surprised me how little bob there is on climbs, and how well the F/S sticks the rear wheel to the trail and improves my traction when climbing. My latest thought is that maybe a riser bar might make the cockpit feel less aggressive and better on really long rides (like solo endurance races). Definitely not as plush as a Fuel on stutter bumps, but the Brain does a great job minimizing wasted suspension motion and it feels really stiff till you need the suspension. I added disc brakes this spring and have noticed a HUGE increase in how aggressively I can ride - absolutely worth the extra weight!

Hope you like your new bike!
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