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Epic Marathon or Scalpel Carbon 2 for XC racing?

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Hi guys,

A lot of people are comparing these bikes (at least the general Epic vs. Scalpel) but I just tested both and to me they somehow seem to aim at quite different audience, that is, the Epic being the "comfy" marathon bike and Scalpel being the rocket for short xc-races.

The Epic was fitted with a 64 cm wide riser bar compared to the Scalpels narrow flat bar, so maybe putting on a narrow flat bar would transform the Epic into a short-race lightning too, or is it all in the frame geometry?

I'm looking for a fast xc-race full-suspension bike to replace my hardtail and I got a pretty good offer on the Epic Marathon (20 % off) . However, I worry that the geometry is simply too much "upright seating position, long haul" for my taste. As I mentioned, my impression is somewhat blurred by the different cockpit setup on the test bikes (Scalpel with 58 cm flat bar and Epic with 64 cm riser).

What do you think? Can I tune the Epic Marathon into a xc rocket like the Scalpel with a simple change of handlebar/stem/bar-ends, or will it always be a bit more on the comfy xc marathon side (hence the name Epic Marathon)? (To me, a fast xc bike includes a rather stretched flat seating position and I always rode with a 55 cm Ritchey WCS flat bar because I prefer a quick response over stability).

Any comments are highly appreciated:thumbsup:

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From my experience, the head tube angle is what can drive the setup of the bike. With the Scalpel and a 69.5 degree head and the Epic and a 70 degree head, you might be able to get an Epic to have a quicker response. Personally, I prefer a steeper head angle for just the reasons that you stated. From my experience, there just isn't a bike that responds quicker than an Epic. My recommendation would be to try out the flat bars at your LBS. They should be able to let you try them out, so you can get a feel for them. Most likely, you will get the feel that you are wanting.

Keep us posted! Your journey is a good one to follow.

Ride it like you stole it!

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