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Sunday August 22- Four Bumps Ride

Group ride, sponsored by Bicycle Trails Council of Marin. It is free, and open to non-members. This ride will attempt to summit the 4 highest peaks in Marin: Mt. Tam (2,500'), Big Rock Ridge (1,900'), Pine Mtn (1,800'), and Loma Alta (1,600'). Distance, and total elevation for the day is not known, but it might be about 9,000' of climbing and 55 miles. The ride will probably take between 9-12 hours. The leaders pace will be moderate, with lots of stops to enjoy views, rest my legs, insult my friends equipment, and to eat a big lunch. Faster and slower riders please bring maps and be prepared to do your own thing, off the front, or in the back.

This ride is for fit, independent, experienced mountain bikers, who have nothing better to do that ride all day. Mostly fireroads, with about 10 miles of singletrack (Tamarancho and Big Rock Ridge trail). Few technical challenges, just long grinds. The route will be chosen, on the morning of the ride, based on weather, whim, and alignment of the stars and planets.

All riders must have a Tamarancho Pass (Purchase a day pass online, for $5, and print it out on your own printer, at Bring a large lunch, and at least 6 powerfood items.

Ride starts at Deer Park School, Fairfax, at 8am. Ride leaders are; Danny Forer ([email protected] or 510/528-8099) and Joe Ibis ([email protected]).
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