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Epic Expert

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Finaly got to ride the new bike sunday.:thumbsup: Love it! I down graded from an S-works Epic 26' wheels. I feel so much better on the big wheels. Fast on the down hill and climbs well. 26.25 lbs now but I have a pair of the carbon rovals that I will use to race. I think they will save about 1.75 lbs.


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I like the bike, just hate the color..but that would hardly keep me from riding it :p I think it was a wise buy over the S-Works.

Enjoy it B2!
if only they weren't backordered I could get one too!
Love it. I am on the backorder list. Only two months to go until my Large comes in.
My Shop has several in stock. I know they have 2 S-works, 1 med. one lg. and 2 experts, 1 med. and one lg. Im sure they would ship. Ajax Bike Carbondale Co. 970-963-0128
1 - 5 of 5 Posts